Trained by Absolute Pilates academy our highly skilled instructors will elevate your Pilates experience.
Instructor Linda
Instructors lead active lifestyles and enjoy engaging in extreme sports activities. Linda, boasting 3 years of experience as a personal trainer, has undergone training from Absolute Pilates Academy, a specialized institute renowned for its expertise in Pilates instruction.
Instructor Kib
Instructor boasts 2 years of experience specializing in private Pilates sessions. With a lifestyle fueled by wanderlust, she is always seeking new adventures. When not on the move, they enjoy playing sports like tennis, Muay Thai, and of course, Pilates.
Instructor Joy
Instructor embodies a lifestyle filled with exercise, bookworm adventures, and culinary escapades. Her past accolades include winning an award for pioneering Pilates exercise equipment tailored for seniors. With over 2 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, she brings expertise and innovation to every session
Instructor Aey
Instructor Aey has been trained in Pilates reformer group classes by Absolute Pilates Academy. Her lifestyle revolves around a passion for fitness, training, and practicing Pilates.