About Us

POP Pilates, proudly affiliated with Absolute Boutique Fitness Studio is at the intersection of fitness and style. Catering to a dynamic and trendsetting generation,  POP Pilates is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle designed for the younger generation. Our fusion of fitness and flair offers a chic and funky approach, perfect for those who value efficiency in their wellness journey. Tailored for the contemporary individual with limited time in today’s bustling world, POP Pilates brings you quick, effective workouts that blend seamlessly into your active lifestyle.

POP Mission

At POP Pilates, our mission is to empower the health of the younger generation by quick, effective Pilates workouts that seamlessly integrate into their busy lives. We strive to be the go-to fitness destination for those who value efficiency without compromising on quality.

POP Vision

Our vision is to lead a movement where individuals of all backgrounds embrace our dynamic and trendy approach to fitness, fostering a community that is not only active but inspired and empowered.

POP Values


At POP Pilates we continuously seek creative and innovative ways to make fitness dynamic, trendy and accessible. We are committed to delivering effective workouts that fit seamless into busy lifestyles; fostering a supportive and energetic community where individuals come together to share the joy of movement and encourage each other on their unique fitness journey.

Join us at POP Pilates, where our mission, vision, and values converge to redefine fitness for the bold, the busy, and the trendsetting.