POP Pilates Franchise

Join us in amplifying POP. If you’re passionate about revolutionising the health and fitness world, a POP Pilates franchise is your perfect opportunity to fuse your fitness enthusiasm with an entrepreneurial spirit. Delve in a game changer for you and your local community.

Choosing a POP Pilates franchise is not just a business decision; it’s an investment in an unparalleled fitness experience that transcends the ordinary. As a POP franchisee, you join a dynamic community driven by innovation, energy, and a shared commitment to redefine wellness. Our proven business model seamlessly blends efficiency and style, catering to the dynamic and trendsetting generation. With a strong emphasis on innovation and accessibility, you become a part of a movement that values forward-thinking solutions and empowers individuals of all backgrounds.

The POP Pilates franchise is not just about workouts; it’s about creating a lifestyle that inspires and resonates with the bold and the busy. Join us in shaping the future of fitness, where success is not only measured in financial gains but in the transformative impact you make on lives within your local community.


  • Dynamic Community Vibe
  • Signature Workouts That Blend
    Innovation and Effectiveness.
  • Top Notch Instruction.
  • Affordable Fitness.
  • Established Training Academy
    Guaranteeing Quality & Consistency

POPportunities: The POP OFFER

          At POP we are committed to your success and have designed a package exclusively for passionate entrepreneurs ready to embark on a thrilling fitness journey. Bursting with excitement, just like our dynamic POP Pilates classes, this package is your gateway to a vibrant franchise experience. As a POP franchisee, you’ll enjoy a poppin’ array of benefits, from comprehensive training and ongoing support to access our exclusive POP workouts that set your studio apart. We’ve crafted the perfect blend of innovation, expertise, and community spirit to ensure your venture not only thrives but stands out in the competitive fitness landscape.

POP Franchisee benefits include

Join The Pop Family

If you’re passionate about spreading wellness worldwide through a versatile and esteemed Pilates program that leaves people feeling fantastic, then we want you on the POP team! We’re here for you every stride of the franchise journey, ensuring your success aligns seamlessly with your zeal. Join us, where passion meets success, and let’s POP together!